Quality food builds quality relationships.

La Ferme was founded over 40 years ago in 1978 as a small game bird farm.  Over the years the business evolved into one of Ontario’s premium game meat and artisinal cheese wholesale distribution companies.  The company has always been a small, family owned business with an emphasis on working with other Canadian small farmers and businesses and has been a leader in establishing the local farm to table movement.  Elaine & Mark Atlin bring a wealth of food and business expertise to La Ferme.  Their priority and passion is to build long standing partnerships and relationships with our customers and suppliers.  We have been working with many of the same customers and suppliers for over 30 years which is quite a testament to our success.

At La Ferme we all strongly believe that good food is the perfect starting point for building relationships. It is our passion for selling, eating and talking about great food that sets us apart from our competitors. Our team of cheesemongers,  professional chefs, gourmet home cooks, and foodies all feel a strong connection to the products that we distribute. We aim to know as much as possible about each type of cheese or cut of meat that we carry – from the farms that they come from to how they taste once on the plate – and communicate our knowledge to our customers. Each member of the La Ferme Team is always on the lookout for new products, new taste experiences and new recipes to enhance the experience we can provide to you!

Covid-19 has brought unfathomable changes to the food industry.  As a small business we have the ability to adapt and adjust as required, and we have supported our food service customers and retail customers alike during the pandemic.  We have adopted new safety procedures and practices as required by the Safe Food for Canadians Act to ensure that our facilities, products and employees remain safe and healthy.  We will continue to do whatever is required to ensure the ongoing success of all of our partners and customers during these uncertain times.

We are excited to share our passion for the edible experience with you. More importantly, we are excited for you to share your passion for food with us!