Quality food builds quality relationships.

Over 30 years ago, on the shores of the lower Black River in Georgina, Ontario, Jean Marc and Nadine Ridel began a small family farm, raising game birds. Over the years, they established a premium game meat and artisinal cheese distribution company that evolved into La Ferme Black River Game Farm, as it is known today. The Ridel’s worked tirelessly to build relationships with all of their customers and suppliers and in so doing, La Ferme has become one of the most reputable food service businesses in Ontario. After three decades in the food business, the shores of New Brunswick began calling out to the Ridels. They decided it was time to pass the La Ferme torch on to another family who would continue delivering outstanding service and outstanding products to its customers.

In 2008 Elaine and Mark Atlin became the proud new owners of La Ferme Black River Game Farm. With extensive business experience and an incredible knowledge and passion for premium quality foods, the Atlins have continued on the La Ferme legacy. La Ferme continues to work with both local, small scale farmers as well as international producers who all have an incredible passion for what they do – which is readily apparent by the products they raise and produce. With an emphasis on relationships, both new and old, the Atlin family embraces the same values and commitment to customers that the Ridel’s established, so that La Ferme continues to thrive and grow throughout Ontario.

At La Ferme we all strongly believe that good food is the perfect starting point for building relationships. It is our passion for selling, eating and talking about great food that sets us apart from our competitors. Our team of professional chefs, gourmet home cooks, and foodies all feel a strong connection to the products that we distribute. We aim to know as much as possible about each type of cheese or cut of meat that we carry – from the farms that they come from to how they taste once on the plate – and communicate our knowledge to our customers. Each member of the La Ferme Team is always on the lookout for new products, new taste experiences and new recipes to enhance the experience we can provide to you!

We are excited to share our passion for the edible experience with you. More importantly, we are excited for you to share your passion for food with us!