Red Chesterfield – Golspie Dairy

The Golspie Dairy has gone to great lengths to create some of the most authentic, traditional English-style cheeses produced in Canada today.

Inspired by Red Leicester, one of the the most popular English “territorials,” Red Chesterfield puts a Canadian twist on a British classic.

Aged for a minimum of 4 months, Red Chesterfield has a beautiful mottled natural rind. The paste is bright orange, dense and crumbly, yet creamy, with notes of roasted nuts, cooked cream, and a slightly sweet caramel finish. These bright, vibrant qualities are complemented in flavour and texture by Red Leicester’s signature musty and earthy aromas along the natural rind. This creates the perfect balance of salty, savoury, and sweet.


1 Wheel (4 Kg)

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