For almost 45 years now the Martel family has been breeding and raising chickens. Their love for farming and raising healthy products is truly a family affair – Denise & George, Aunt Denise, and now the Martel children are all involved in the business. The family controls all aspects of the production process from breeding through the slaughter and has recently decided to establish a production kitchen to turn their great chickens into a variety of delicious products.

The secret to the amazing flavour and texture of the Voltigeurs Farm chickens is that they are raised on an all-vegetable grain feed diet with no animal by-products… right up to the vitamins they are given. The result is a tasty, more flavourful and nutritionally superior chicken with less fat that other chickens. In addition, the chickens are air chilled in order to retain the flavour and colour so that each bird contains 5 to 8 % less water than water-chilled chicken.

The family is very excited to welcome the next generation of Martel’s into the business so that they can embrace both the old farming traditions along with new technologies to keep growing great chickens for at least another 45 years. And if you are ever looking for some great chicken cooking tips or recipes, be sure to look up Aunt Denise!