Fromagerie La Suisse Normande is a Family owned and operated producer of fine artisan cheese in Quebec since 1995. Originating as a dairy farm and later growing to sustain themselves throughout their whole operation, Fromagerie la Suisse is a farm to table approach. Today, everything from growing crops for feeding the goats, to preparing and producing their own Goat cheese products is done on the farm.

Fromagerie La Suisse Normande therefore supplies their own goat milk for all of their great goat products. Even though they do not supply their own Cow’s milk, it doesn't come from far, their Cow’s milk is supplied from La Ferme L’achigan, the farm next door!

Their name highlights the origins of the founders: Fabienne Mathieu from Switzerland and Frederic Guitel from French Normandy, who came together to create Fromagerie La Suisse Normande. The name is also a nod to the region in Normandy that is known for having a similar landscape to Switzerland. Many meanings, all coming together to make great cheese! Try some of their products today!