The Van Bergeijk family have owned and operated their dairy farm located in New Hamburg, Ontario for 25 years. For the past 9 years Mountainoak Cheese has been producing award winning Gouda, made with traditional family recipes that Adam and Hannie brought over when they emigrated from Holland, 25 years ago. Adam and his team on the farm make cheese, curds and quark three times a week.
The Van Bergeijk family name translates to ‘mountainoak’, which is where their award winning cheese gets its name.

Their Family understands the importance of high quality milk in the production of their Mountainoak Cheese. They were farmers and cheese makers in The Netherlands and now they continue pursue their passion for cheesemaking here in Canada. With many years of experience to guide them, they finally started making Mountainoak Cheese in Canada the summer of 2012. "We start with growing all our own crops and feeding our cows a well balanced ration," insuring they can control the cheese making process from the very beginning. Their fresh milk is used immediately, the milk is never cooled or made to wait, and it is the details such as these that produce the quality that we have grown to know and love.