Nippissing Game Farm has been producing the highest quality Coturnix, or Japanese Quail in Ontario for nearly 40 years. Second generation bird famers Scott and Cheryl Ryckman use their converted family poultry farm to produce quail that are wonderfully plump and have delicate ruby flesh and a smooth pale skin. Coturnix are an Asian variety of bird that breeds in southeastern Siberia and Manchuria and winters in southern Japan and China. Being a migratory species that need warm temperatures to thrive, the birds prefer to nest cozily in climate controlled barns.

Scott and Cheryl had been raising the Coturnix for a number of years on their family farm and in an effort to further control the quality of their birds, as Scott says; ‘from the egg to the plate’, they acquired Nippissing Game Farm in 2011. This allows them to see the birds from a freshly laid egg, through incubation and hatching, all the way to processing and packaging.