When internationally acclaimed Rougié joined forces with Palmex Farms two long-standing family businesses were united to reward Canadians with the highest quality moulard ducks and foie gras products. Rougié is an international brand that was formed in 1875 and has developed leading techniques in foie gras production over the past 135 years. The Quebec operations combined their expertise in breeding, incubation, raising & feeding with the methods developed by Rougié to become the premier moulard farm in Canada.

Rougié’s philosophy is based on the highest animal welfare standards to ensure that the ducks are well treated and content, thus ensuring that the final product is consistent and of the highest quality. The ducks are hand-fed with 100% corn which is hormone free and antibiotic free. The farms employ sustainable farming methods at all stages of the production process.

Chefs and gourmands across North America are able to enjoy many moulard and foie gras products from the Canadian process plant, located in Marieville, Quebec. This plant utilizes a superfreezing process which is the first of its kind in Canada, to produce frozen and portion controlled foie gras products. All the members of the Canadian team share a great passion for farming and are equally happy out in the fields as they are in the office. They are always happy to share some foie gras delicacies with any visitors!